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Welcome to Corinne's Kitsch Kitcherie Cookbook

Hi, I’m Corinne.
discover more about me and the book I have written for your good health, inspiration and maybe even transformation!

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If thoughts about

appeal to you then you have come to the right place!

For many years I studied and personally experimented with, Western and Eastern ideas – from Macrobiotics to the Blood Group diet and dozens of others in between, gathering qualifications along the way – from City & Guilds Food & Family to Raw food chefing!

My book will tell you of the fascinating connection between food and good health.

India gave me the perfect place to study the ancient Indian health system of Ayurveda.

The course included a consultation with my gifted and experienced teacher Peter (Malakoff) He told me ~ “you must make Kitcherie the mainstay of your diet!”……

I asked the ingredients and when told it was

white rice, yellow split mung dal, flavoured with gently spiced ghee

(a form of clarified and caramelised butter) I spluttered my response –

“No! - I couldn’t possibly!! I never eat heavy carbs (carbohydrates) I will become big as a barge! ….and lentils give me wind!” he just smiled and repeated his sage advice.

As you read my book you will learn more about my travels.

I tried the Kitcherie and found it tasted very good!

I can honestly say my digestion was so calm after

every meal based around kitcherie. I was impressed.

Tasting the 100+ recipes in my book you will understand too.

I am a gourmet cook with very demanding taste buds, I figured that if almost everyone who pursued health and balance on the path of Ayurveda was given similar advice (to make kitcherie the mainstay of their diet,) then there was a need for inspiration to satisfy our desire for good taste and to avoid boredom!

I experimented with textures and tastes and came up with, what for me, is the perfect basic dish – which lends itself to many variations giving you dozens of ideas in my book.

For myself I have succeeded, as I eat kitcherie when at home almost everyday! Hence the inspiration to write this book toshare my ideas and adventures with you, to aid you in becoming healthier, happier, and hopefully feeling deeply satisfied after each and every meal.

The inspiration for sharing my delight with you is here in this book

Good health and good eating to you all!